Point.io Platform


Allowing secure access to behind-the-firewall information from personal devices is a growing headache for corporate IT departments – yet this issue continues to be a highly sought-after service in all enterprises. With Point.io, now you can turn your BYOD burden into a BYOD opportunity. When you use the Point.io platform to develop document sharing and collaboration apps, it becomes astonishingly simple for your users to control precisely how sensitive information is shared and utilized.

Best of all – the Point.io system will sit on top of your already-existing network and document storage systems, which makes integration a snap. Whether you use a web-based hosting service (like Dropbox or Google Drive), full-fledged cloud solutions (like Amazon AWS or RackSpace), or in-house ECM systems (like MS SharePoint or Oracle WebCenter) – the Point.io platform will plug into all of them seamlessly.

One API to Rule All Storage

At the core of the Point.io platform is the RESTful API. The API lets developers build apps that can utilize documents and content from any storage, regardless of where files are located, both in the cloud and in the enterprise, behind the firewall. The API abstracts storage access and management so that as an app developer, you don’t need to know the intricacies of enterprise security policy management or native storage connectivity.

Our growing collection of storage connectors let your apps talk to cloud storage like Box, Dropbox, Google and others, as well as enterprise and behind-the-firewall storage like SharePoint, FTP, Windows Shared Drives, and more.  Building your apps on Point.io’s API means that you never have to worry about integrating directly with any of these APIs -- we add new connectors for new vendors that pop up, and automatically maintain and update the connectors to all the storage vendors you rely on.

With years in development and planning, these capabilities have been designed to be device and infrastructure agnostic so everything will work with any mobile development framework and any development language.  Getting started is easy; click here to download our Source Code.


The middleware in our stack is a cloud-based architecture that scales across multiple cloud zones and geographies to ensure that apps run smoothly across the mobile world. Our Platform is wickedly smart and process-aware, by abstracting and homogenizing the complexity of the back-ends of cloud services and Enterprise on-premise information sources.  We intelligently fill in the holes in less sophisticated document storage environments to provide a hassle-free experience for developer and end-user alike.


The on-premise secret sauce of Point.io is the Gateway, a virtual machine image that moves the power of our cloud-based platform into the corporate DMZ where it seamlessly integrates Enterprise assets into the global cloud architecture.  The Gateway brings the full power of the mobile consumer app marketplace to corporate users without sacrificing security, control, and compliance.  You can plug in document sources like SharePoint or Documentum to unify your document views or extend your shared drives to intranet and mobile consumption to get the value of SharePoint without the cost.  Our Gateway makes configuring customized authentication schemes a snap and adding new sources of dynamic information a breeze.  The Gateway brings Enterprise content into the mobile world in a way never before seen.