For the first time, enterprise applications can reach any storage location through a set of simple calls to a single API. APIdoc is a RESTful API that connects your application to your data, wherever it resides – behind the firewall or in the cloud.


apidoc-header-left.jpgAPIdoc is built on Point.io’s patent-pending modern middleware platform. APIdoc supports over a dozen industry-leading storage location connectors such as Dropbox, Box, Salesforce and SharePoint, and is currently adding new connectors each month. In addition, through APIdoc’s published SDK, custom connectors can be built with minimum effort.

APIdoc supplements existing API management platforms like Apigee, so users can easily access structured and unstructured data as needed.

SaaS providers, App developers, Enterprise IT and System Integrator firms can all benefit from APIdoc’s ability to provide secure enterprise access to all storage locations via any Internet connected device. 

Point.io maintains the platform so all the storage locations work for all the applications all of the time.

The APIdoc interface remains the same, regardless of where your files are located, so you don’t have to worry about modifying your applications when storage vendors change their access protocols. We manage and maintain the connections to the backend so you don’t have to. Adding new storage locations to existing applications is quick and easy too, because you use the same set of simple API calls for every connector.

This reduces the cost of software development and maintenance because your resources can focus on innovative application features and creating the user experience on the front end, instead of spending time on tedious and complex coding on the back end.

Business users benefit too because all of the applications they use can be easily ported to any device – and that means they can use their mobile devices to access and manage the corporate data they need to get their jobs done. The BYOD problem is solved. 

The most important benefit may be security. Because APIdoc is a modern middleware platform, it captures all activity from external requests to specific data targets and monitors what happens to files after they are served to the user. Suddenly, all data access can be authorized and monitored from the single APIdoc interface.

LOB leaders can be certain they are in compliance with corporate policy and IT compliance officers can audit any storage location, application or user to ensure and enforce company policy. So, in addition to providing a single interface to all data storage, APIdoc includes a full suite of audit data to support analytics, as well as full audit and compliance requirements for data management across platforms and locations.

APIdoc is also the foundation for Business Process Management (BPM) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) modules from Point.io.

APIdoc is available, along with support services, to help organizations quickly integrate APIdoc into existing applications and mobile initiatives. For more information on APIdoc, or for a complete list of data storage location connectors that you can begin using right away, please contact us.

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